Enhancing Learning


An instructor presenting in a classroom
Our team of academic technologists, designers, video producers and digital imaging specialists seeks to enhance student learning through improved pedagogy and access to innovative technologies.

Online & Remote Teaching

LATIS is supporting all CLA instructors to teach their courses in online and remote modalities. You can find a schedule of workshops, guides, and more on our support site. Please contact us at latis-lx@umn.edu for help.

Teaching & Technology Consults

Our educational consultants can meet with you to talk about innovative and distinctive ideas for your face-to-face, blended or fully online courses. Request a consult at LATIS-LX@umn.edu.

Funding Opportunities for Faculty and Departments

CLA offers two academic technology funding programs. Academic Innovation Grants are for faculty with fresh ideas for their teaching. Infrastructure for Learning Plans are for departments to support labs, other learning spaces, and other infrastructure needs.

Video Support for Students and Faculty

LATIS Video Services supports the teaching of video and electronic media production techniques. We offer an extensive equipment loaner pool, production studios, and editing facilities for high quality video projects. We also tell the college's story by producing professional quality videos for collegiate events, recruiting and community engagement.

Digital Imaging Services & AISOS

We provide expertise and spaces where media can be created, captured and converted into digital formats, including VR and drone technology. The Advanced Imaging Service for Objects and Spaces (AISOS) is a dedicated facility for macro- and meso-scale imaging of objects in 2D and 3D.

Managing Digital Collections with the DCL and Elevator

We can help scan, store and share digital collections. Collections can be housed in CLA’s extensive Digital Content Library or hosted in a customized Elevator instance. Just about any digital format is supported. Please contact us at dcl@umn.edu for a consultation.

Digital Humanities Support

We provide consultations on digital mapping, online exhibits, digital storytelling, VR, and much more in the digital liberal arts. This can take the form of classroom visits, training, and web hosting for research, teaching, and creative projects. LATIS is a partner with the University Libraries on the DASH program.