Social and Behavioral Sciences Interest Group

Meeting time: Friday afternoons (monthly throughout the semester - see calendar below) for a brown bag lunch, 12:00–1:30 p.m.
Meeting place: Philosophy Department Library Lounge, 837 Heller Hall

The Social and Behavioral Sciences Interest Group (SoBIG) reads and discusses works of mutual interest in the philosophy of the social sciences, and in moral and prudential psychology in philosophy or the social sciences. We select readings for a variety of reasons: to keep up on the most exciting developments in the field, to help participants examine literature relevant to their research projects, to provide feedback on works in progress being written by SoBIG participants, to revisit classic articles in the literature, and sometimes just to have fun discussing a topic related to the social sciences. For information, please contact Valerie Tiberius.

Our meetings are informal and some participants need to arrive late or leave early because of scheduling conflicts. All faculty from the University of Minnesota and area colleges and universities and graduate students are welcome to attend whenever they would like (without invitation) and without giving advanced notice. Undergraduates are included by invitation. (If you know of an undergraduate who is well-suited and possibly interested, please contact Valerie Tiberius so an invitation can be extended.)

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Spring 2019

SoBIG will meet monthly this semester in conjunction with GCC 5029: What is Human Agency? Scientific & Philosophical Perspectives. Readings will be drawn from philosophical and psychological research on moral and epistemic agency, with a particular focus on the virtues of good agents. Specific times and readings will be announced as soon as possible.

February 15: Hugo Mercier, Dan Sperber. 2011. Why do humans reason? Arguments for an argumentative theory. Behavioral and Brain Sciences 34(2):57–74; discussion 74–111. doi:10.1017/S0140525X10000968. (pdf) The pdf includes BBS commentaries as well as the paper.

March 1: Michael Bratman. 2009. Intention, Practical Rationality, and Self‐Governance, Ethics, 119: 411–443. (pdf)

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May 10:

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