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Cole Kelleher in special issue of TIME magazine on Modern Explorers

November 4, 2015

Cole Kelleher (MGIS 2012) was featured in the July 2015 special issue of TIME magazine on Modern Explorers. He currently works as a Cartographer for the Polar Geospatial Center (PGC) at the University of Minnesota and often travels to Antarctica to provide high quality, specialized data and maps that support the U.S. Antarctic Program at McMurdo.  Additionally, the PGC has partnered with Google to capture images of the landscape, which are then integrated into Google Maps and Google Street View for exploration by the global community.  Cole began his work at the PGC as a research assistant while a graduate student in the MGIS program and was hired upon completing his degree to work on a variety of mapping and GIS projects at the internationally recognized center.