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Pre-Screening Videos

Pre-screening videos are required application materials for the following programs:

  • Collaborative Piano (MM, DMA)
  • Conducting (MM, DMA)
  • Instrumental Performance (MM, DMA) auditioning on:
    • Cello
    • Double bass
    • Piano
    • Violin
    • Viola
  • Voice Performance (MM, DMA)
  • Post-Bacc Music Education Licensure Certificate

Applicants must pass the pre-screening round in order to be invited to a give live audition and/or interview. Videos are reviewed after the application deadline and results shared shortly thereafter.

Pre-Screening Video Submission Guidelines

  • Videos must be submitted by the application deadline via the Digital Uploads section on your application to the University of Minnesota.
  • Videos must be made within the past 12 months. 
  • Applicants may use the same selections again for the live audition, provided the selections meet the audition repertoire requirements.
  • Each selection must be performed from beginning to end in one take. No editing is allowed.
  • Screening videos must adhere to the following repertoire requirements: 
Collaborative Piano & Coaching (MM, DMA)

For the prescreening video, please perform two contrasting collaborative piano works with partners. These pre-screening performances are not necessarily restricted to the audition repertoire. Please contact Timothy Lovelace at with questions regarding pre-screening and audition repertoire.

Conducting (MM, DMA)
  • Pre-screening videos on YouTube must be accompanied by information indicating the candidate’s name, degree objective, state of residence, and titles of selections with composer’s names.

  • Video content may contain material taken from either a rehearsal or a performance. 

  • All videos must be recorded from the front so that face, hands, gestures, and posture are clearly visible. Do not submit a video filmed from behind the conductor.

  • The recording must be recent (made within the past 12 months) and must be playable on with a recommended length of 15–20 minutes; 30 minutes maximum. 

Piano - Instrumental Performance (MM, DMA)

Preliminary recordings for all applicants should include the following repertoire, all performed from memory:

  • At least one movement of a classical sonata by Haydn, Mozart, or Beethoven
  • At least one additional work or movement in a contrasting style
Strings (Violin, Viola, Cello, and Double Bass) - Instrumental Performance (MM, DMA)

Preliminary recordings for all applicants should include two selections of contrasting style and techniques, one of which must be memorized. For example: exposition of a concerto and a movement from the Bach’s or other solo piece or Etude. 

Voice Performance (MM, DMA)

Pre-screening videos for graduate voice applicants should include the following repertoire, all performed from memory:

  • Four selections from the classical vocal repertoire. One selection may be an opera or oratorio area and one selection must be in English. Repertoire should demonstrate facility in various languages and periods of classical vocal composition.
  • At the beginning of the video, each applicant must clearly speak their name, voice type, degree objective, state of residence, grade point average, TOEFL* score, and titles of selections with composers' names. (*The TOEFL is an English language proficiency exam required of international applicants).
  • All vocal selections must be accompanied by a piano, chamber ensemble or orchestra. No accompaniment with electronic piano or CD will be considered. No amplification microphone permitted.
Post-Bacc Music Education Licensure Certificate

Applicants must submit a video demonstrating evidence of capacity to perform on a musical instrument. Please contact the program director and Professor of Music Education, Dr. Keitha Hamann, for details at