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Congratulations 2017 e-Piano Junior Competition Winners

July 17, 2017

Congratulations to the five winners of the 2017 e-Piano Junior Competition: Shuan Hern Lee (Australia), 1st and Variations Prize; Youl Sun (South Korea), 2nd and Schubert Prize; Andrew Li (US), 3rd Prize; Rio Kai Rui (Australia), 4th Prize; and Yongqiu Liu (China), 5th Prize. The 2017 e-Piano Junior Competition, co-sponsored by the University of Minnesota College of Liberal Arts and School of Music, featured breathtaking performances by 25 contestants from around the globe. Thanks to the international jury members: Alexander Braginsky (chair, US), Hui-qiao Bao (China), Michael Kim (Canada and US),  Alexander Korsantia (Georgia and US), Antonio Pompa-Baldi (Italty and US), Boris Slutsky (US), and Eduard Zilberkant (US).