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Professor Adriana Zabala Replacement Soloist for "Stabat Mater" with the SPCO

April 17, 2017

Adriana Zabala (voice, mezzo soprano) along with Scottish soprano Carine Tinney were replacement soloists for the Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra's Pergolesi's Stabat Mater on April 15 at the Ordway, when the scheduled vocalists fell ill. Their last minute performance received a glowing review in the Star Tribune. From the Star Tribune:  "It was a tribute to both singers' sang-froid and professionalism that if Artistic Director Kyu-Young Kim hadn't explained the situation to the audience beforehand, you never would have guessed the behind-the-scenes emergency." Also from the article, "Stabat Mater has eight movements in which the soloists sing together, and a natural blend between them is indispensable. Serendipitously, Tinney and Zabala had it, their voices dovetailing mellifluously in terms of size and tonal color."