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Professor Alexander Braginsky's Students Win Competitions

March 12, 2018

Alexander Braginsky (piano) has had many students, including U of M School of Music and private students, win and receive honorable mentions in the Schubert Club Scholarship Competition, Thursday Musical Competition and MMTA Young Artist Competition during the past two weekends. 

Schubert Club:
Priscilla Chang, DMA – 1st Prize, 
Garret Ross, DMA – 2nd Prize, 
Kimberly Shen, MusikFest – 1st Prize,
Vinh Nguen, MusikFest – 2nd Prize, 
Austin Cheng, MusikFest – Honorable Mention
Skyler Chan – Honorable Mention

Thursday Musical:
Daniel Eras, BM – 1st Prize
Ines Guanchez, BM – Honorable Mention
Kimberly Shen – 1st Prize
Kirill Nazaeov, MusikFest – 2nd Prize

Young Artist, MMTA:
Kimberly Shen – 2nd Prize