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Professor Guerino Mazzola's CD 'Live at Le Classique' Reviewed

September 3, 2018

Guerino Mazzola's (creative studies and media) recent CD Live at Le Classique (pfMENTUM label) with Swiss percussionist Heinz Geisser was reviewed by Vittorio LoConte on MusicZoom. 

From the review: "From the many concerts performed together by the Swiss Guerino Mazzola (piano) and Heinz Geisser on drums the pfMentum Records American chose a live October 2004 at the club Le Classique in Fujisawa in Japan. The excellent technical level of the recording allows you to capture the duo at the height of their art, their energy that finds expression in a music linked to the African-American avant-garde. There are two pieces performed, improvisations full of ideas and long lasting, the first of almost twenty-nine minutes, the second of forty. It is a wave of energy that pours on the listener, Umemoto's Delight brings us back to the best moments of a Cecil Taylor, a physical approach to the piano that Mazzola makes almost palpable with the continuous gusts of notes well supported by a Geisser in a state of grace, a continuous inventor of rhythms and colors that give the music an indelible mark. The two seem unleashed and in perfect physical shape, even on Jumbo's Flight there is a continuous magmatic boiling of the music, a continuous becoming of notes whose speed is unstoppable. You will be amazed by so much courage, in an age when music seeks moments of ephemeral beauty. The "non-repentant" attitude of the two is a homage to the free genre, and also to those listeners who let themselves be involved in a music that cannot leave them indifferent."