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Student Joe Nelson to Present Papers at Two Conferences

December 21, 2018

Joe Nelson (PhD, musicology, student of Kelley Harness) will present at two conferences in January and February 2019. He will present at the Newberry Library's Graduate Interdisciplinary Conference in Chicago during January, presenting his paper entitled, “’Still Jove with Ganymed lyes playinge’: King James, Sexuality, and Sovereign Order in the Stuart Court,” which explores the intersection of sexuality, gender, and disability in defining King James I’s sovereign power. He then presents at the Early Modern Songscapes conference at the University of Toronto in February. His paper for that conference is entitled, “Polluted Minds, Polluted Bodies: The Case of Bethlem and Disordered Sound.” That paper explores the intersection of environmental and air pollution, noise pollution, and polluted bodies in and around Bethlem Asylum.