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Students Maria Mannone and Kyriaki Gkoudina Collaborate on International Article

April 24, 2017

Maria Mannone's (PhD, composition, student of Alex Lubet) article “Narrating the Origin of the Universe through the Music: A Case Study," co-authored with Kyriaki (Kakia) Gkoudina (PhD, composition, student of Alex Lubet) and Evan Tyler (PhD, astrophysics/MIfA outreach coordinator), has been accepted for publication in the fifth issue of the Collective Papers of Academy of Arts of Novi Sad, Serbia.

Article Abstract:
This project is about the synthesis of a musical piece, based on the timeline of the Universe. We can understand music through visual and gestural analogies. In a similar way, popular descriptions of scientific concepts also use external metaphors and visual support to help comprehension. We will use music to describe a topic from astrophysics, the birth and evolution of the Universe. We describe the compositional technique used to create the composition “Origin,” referring to recent techniques to derive music from tridimensional images and from gestures, under the light of the mathematical theory of music in the context of a narrative.