Nepal 'Long Drought' Project

Photo of Uday Kunwar Thapa conducting research outdoors with a tree.
Photos courtesy of Uday Kunwar Thapa (pictured)
Uday collaborates with another student on research at the base of a large tree.
Landscape view of the Koshi River Basin, where the Dendrochronology Center conducted research. Tall mountains and a small town in the background.
Close up of tree core measurement tool and a slender strip of tree core it's extracted from the tree.
Wide, landscape view of Koshi River basin and its surrounds in Nepal. Dry tree and vegetation close to the camera. River and mountains far away.

This summer, members of the Dendro Center visited Nepal to offer a training workshop on tree rings in Kathmandu, and begin a project to extend the record of drought and river flow in the Koshi River basin. Photographs are courtesy of Uday Kunwar Thapa.