Portrait: Raven Ziegler

An Activist and a Scholar

A double major in political science and sociology of law, criminology, and deviance, Raven Ziegler hopes to effect meaningful international policy change. “Every marginalized community knows what will produce the most efficient change for them. Through collaboration, I merely act as a vehicle to build the structure of progression,” she says.
Big Questions: Why haven't we closed the achievement gap?

Big Questions: Why Haven't We Closed the Achievement Gap?

State and local governments, plus for-profit and nonprofit organizations, are taking steps to close achievement gaps between Minnesota's white students and students of color in partnership with Minnesota’s various K-12 systems. Although there has been some improvement over time, the gap still remains. Why haven’t we closed it? In April 2016 the College hosted a discussion, moderated by Minnesota Public Radio News host Tom Weber, on the topic of Minnesota's achievement gap.
Jump start your weekend with stimulating conversation about big ideas with CLA faculty at A Brighter U

Join Us for A Brighter U 2017

Join fellow College of Liberal Arts alumni for a sampler program of some of the most intriguing and relevant ideas currently being explored in our college. A Brighter U will feature a lunch presentation from School of Music faculty; an afternoon of faculty-guided, interactive sessions; and a social reception hosted by the CLA Alumni Society. Experience, once again, the thrill of learning at CLA and the stimulation of engaging with faculty and each other.