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All-star Athlete

Many Gopher greats go beyond classes and sports to engage in diverse pursuits
October 23, 2015

Portrait: Jessika Mozia

Portrait: Jessika Mozia
Jessika Mozia (Photo by Eric Miller)
This article was originally published in the fall 2015 issue of Legacy magazine.

Jessika Mozia is a hard-driving ten­nis player, a walk-on team member who earned a full scholarship after an outstanding freshman season. But just as important to Mozia are her creative endeavors—writing and playing violin.

Mozia begged to start violin as a kindergartner in Littleton, Colorado, and she was a regular at music recitals and competitions throughout high school. She still plays regularly, though she doesn’t compete now. “It’s a nice getaway. I enjoy the challenging part, I enjoy the creativity in the music, and I love performing,” she says. “It’s fun to tap into another side of myself.”

She also writes regularly, penning poetry and short stories. Two of her poems and a short story have been published in collections and her hometown newspaper. “Sometimes sports can be stressful, and it’s nice to get your feelings out on paper,” she says. “Writing really clears my mind.”

A senior majoring in psychology, Mozia plans to become a clinical psychologist. In the meantime, she’ll continue putting her all into tennis. She says the University of Minnesota has been a fantastic place to pursue her varied interests.

“I love competition and I love challenges, and it’s a great feeling when your teammates and coaches and friends and the University rally behind you,” says Mozia. “I get the best of both worlds—great academics and great athletics.”