Students wearing protective clothing working with melted iron in the foundry

Metal Casting Students Take Part in Annual Iron Pour

On Friday, the University of Minnesota art department hosted its 30th Annual Thanksgiving Iron Pour at the Katherine E. Nash Gallery. The event allowed students to exhibit the skills they learned in their metal casting classes. “For students, it teaches them the value of their community,” said Tamsie Ringler, assistant professor of sculpture and leader of the pour. “It helps people learn collaboration and how to make their art better."
Betsy McCann leads the U of M Marching Band at a performance for new students in Mariucci Arena

For University of Minnesota Marching Band Director, a Historic 'Surprise'

Nearly half a century after the University of Minnesota Marching Band begrudgingly welcomed its first female percussionist, a woman is running the show. Betsy McCann is the first female marching and athletic bands director in the University band’s 125-year history — and the first woman to lead a marching band in the Big Ten Conference.
image of 2 dancers lunging

Identity & Exchange

Dance major Leila Awadallah's twin passions—dance and her Palestinian-American identity—have fueled her choreographic and intellectual explorations... and brought her national exposure at the American College Dance Association's national festival.
Photo of a professor blowing fire at a theatre show

Science on Stage

Explosions. Fire. Flashes of Light. Theatre meets science with “Energy & U,” an interdisciplinary collaboration between the Department of Theatre Arts & Dance and the College of Science & Engineering to excite elementary students about a future career in the sciences.
Photo of alumni Mary Shabatura

Owning the Spotlight

Mary Shabatura is a graduate of 2014 who is lighting up stages across the Twin Cities--literally. Since graduation, Mary has been working on multiple projects as freelance lighting designer. “From lamps to general stage lighting, the lighting emphasizes the time, place, and mood of the story being told on stage.”
Photo of the Showboat on the Mississippi River at sunset

After More Than 50 Years, U of M is Shuttering its Showboat

A summer tradition that traversed more than 50 years will end in August, after the Minnesota Centennial Showboat concludes its final season. “The Showboat,” as it was known in theater circles, will be shuttered after a 60-performance run of “Under the Gaslight,” a show typical of the work that has drawn audiences to watch university students since 1958 (with one interruption).
Photo of student Zachary Swenson building a sand mold to be used at the iron pour

Baptism by Fire and Disco

Pouring molten iron and jamming out to disco music aren’t two activities that usually go together. This Friday, noon to 4:00pm, the Regis Center’s foundry will hold one of its annual iron pours, where students, professors and visiting artists will work together to melt down and pour molten iron for projects they’ve been working on.
Photo of Maria Schneider posing with her 2 Grammy awards

School of Music Alumni Among 2016 Grammy Winners

Music alumni Maria Schneider and Stephen Paulus were among the honorees at the 2016 Grammy awards. Paulus, who died in 2014, won best contemporary classical composition for "Prayers and Remembrances," a piece written for the 10th anniversary of the September 11 attacks. Paulus's family received the award from fellow alumnus Maria Schneider. Schneider herself received her fourth and fifth Grammy awards at the ceremony.
Picture of people dancing in coordination

Dancing Memories

“I tell stories through dance and try to express social issues with audiences through personal stories which are partly remembered, partly researched, and partly imagined,” says professor Ananya Chatterjea.
Portrait: Robert Silberman

Renaissance Man of Ceramics Exhibit

Associate Professor Robert Silberman genuinely displays the strong connection between the classroom and the community. Committed to both globalism and international education, he worked with four artists from Mexico to create an exhibit on contemporary Mexican ceramics at the Northern Clay Center, showcasing the importance of art history while connecting with the Hispanic community of the Twin Cities.