Picture of people dancing in coordination

Dancing Memories

“I tell stories through dance and try to express social issues with audiences through personal stories which are partly remembered, partly researched, and partly imagined,” says professor Ananya Chatterjea.
Portrait: Robert Silberman

Renaissance Man of Ceramics Exhibit

Associate Professor Robert Silberman genuinely displays the strong connection between the classroom and the community. Committed to both globalism and international education, he worked with four artists from Mexico to create an exhibit on contemporary Mexican ceramics at the Northern Clay Center, showcasing the importance of art history while connecting with the Hispanic community of the Twin Cities.
Portrait: Andrea Truitt

Fascination With the Far

PhD student Andrea Truitt is researching popular interior design trends prints of the late 19th century, such as a penchant for exotic furnishings that reflected Middle Eastern culture. She has found that today’s consumption of design imagery exhibits many of the same tendencies.
Portrait: Sherry Shao

Merging Art and Statistics

Qinyun (Sherry) Shao is an outstanding student who understands the importance of applying classroom knowledge to career opportunities. Sherry knew her undergraduate work had to involve art in some way. “After visiting so many museums, galleries, and studios,” she reports, “I am certain that my future career must be related to art. I love art and I am eager to share my passion and ideas about art with others.”