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Associate Professor Alan Love Awarded $2 Million Templeton Grant

September 25, 2015

Portrait: Alan Love

Portrait: Alan Love
Associate Professor Alan Love, Department of Philosophy

Associate Professor Alan Love in the Department of Philosophy was awarded a $2 million grant from the John Templeton Foundation for his work on biological practice to scientific metaphysics. His coinvestigators are C. Kenneth Waters (University of Calgary), Marcel Weber (University of Geneva), and William Wimsatt (University of Minnesota/University of Chicago), who holds the Winton Chair in Liberal Arts at the University of Minnesota College of Liberal Arts.

Their goal is to advance a new branch of scientific metaphysics based on the forms of practice that are responsible for success across the sciences. The beneficial long-term changes anticipated include: (a) increased collaboration among metaphysicians and philosophers of biology; (b) a novel perspective on the metaphysical implications of biology; and (c) encouraging junior researchers to pursue similar research in different areas of scientific inquiry.