Matt Carlson

Accolades Fall 2019

Associate Professor Matt Carlson (Journalism) has written "Measurable Journalism: Digital Platforms, News Metrics and the Quantified Audience," which explores ways in which the increasingly ‘measurable’ news audience has had an impact on journalistic practices. This book was originally published as a special issue of "Digital Journalism."
Professor Ramos Garcia

Accolades Spring 2019

Professor Luis Ramos-Garcia (Spanish & Portuguese Studies) is the recipient of the 2019 Award for Global Engagement from the Global Programs and Strategy Alliance. This award is given to those faculty and staff whose achievements and contributions to global education, research and engagement are exceptional.
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100 Years of Excellence

CLA’s Department of Psychology is a hub of collaborative research 100 years in the making. Professors Andrew Oxenham and Eugene Borgida, along with department chair Monica Luciana, share some of the department’s history as they celebrate their anniversary and look to the future.