Photo of Raised Hands

Tools for Change

Human rights abuses worldwide damage and destroy the lives of millions. Barbara Frey prepares advocates to ensure that governments everywhere make good on their promises to uphold justice and human dignity for all.
Photo of a European Union flag with frayed edges

Good Question: What Is The European Union?

Great Britain’s decision to leave the European Union made headlines worldwide. Experts say it’s possible more countries could follow Britain’s lead, further weakening the EU. That got us wondering—what is the European Union, and how does it affect us? Good Question. Tom Wolfe is a history professor at the University of Minnesota, who specializes in the European Union provides an answer for WCCO-TV.
Photograph of PhD students and poster

The Unseen Global City

Global studies and sociology professor Michael Goldman looks at urbanization practices that leave residents with the task of managing life in a city captured by global desires. “Global cities are alive with two very different social imaginaries: Those who desire to rebuild the city with ‘world-class’ infrastructure versus the urban majority’s concerns of being dispossessed by these elite projects,” he says.
Photo of yellow and purple prairie flowers

Butterfly Effect

When anthropology and construction management major Jeremiah Cunningham noticed that the butterflies weren't stopping to feed among the grasses planted at the Xcel Energy substation where he was interning, he discovered something that will turn into a win for Xcel Energy and the butterflies.