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Passion for Human Rights

October 23, 2015

Portrait: Daniela Prigozhina

Portrait: Daniela Prigozhina
Photo courtesy of Daniela Prigozhina
This article was originally published in in the fall 2015 issue of Legacy magazine.

After graduating from the U in August 2015 with a degree in economics and political science, Daniela Prigozhina wasted no time putting her knowledge and skills to work as a research fellow at Partnership for Public Service in Washington, D.C. A recipient of several scholarships, including the Robert P. and Sally G. Sands Scholarship and the Sinclair Scholarship, Prigozhina helped found the U’s Russian Speaking Student Association and was involved in several human rights groups.

Most rewarding experience at the U?

The human rights and advocacy internships that I had. Every day I was learning something new and working toward helping an individual or a community.

Favorite class?

Human Rights Law. I was so interested in the topic that I read the giant law book for fun sometimes.

How did scholarships help?

Scholarship support allowed me to grasp every opportunity, to be involved on campus and in the com­munity, and to begin my career. It’s an incredible feeling to have that financial and moral support and the opportunity to follow my dreams.