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The Queen of Internships

November 25, 2015

Vanessa Nyarko could be called the "Queen of Internships."

Throughout her years in CLA, Vanessa has used internships to explore both her majors and potential careers. "I had a lot of majors when I started," she says, "and internships helped me look into different careers." Thinking she wanted to be a reporter, Vanessa's first internship was with a news organization. But then a history class got her wondering, "Could I get a job in this?" That led to interning as a diversity liaison with the Minnesota History Center and mentoring underrepresented grade schoolers for History Day. And that led to an interest in community relations, which led to an internship with Congressman Keith Ellison... you get the picture.

"Prior experiences helped at each location," she says. So did an internship scholarship from the Kevin Mossier Foundation, which made it possible for Vanessa to take yet another unpaid internship. Now in her final year of college, Vanessa has her first paid internship with Meet Minneapolis, the visitors and convention bureau.

Watching new students on campus during orientation week, Vanessa reflected on her own time as an orientation leader and said she encourages freshman to intern ASAP. "Get out there, do something, get an internship, volunteer. It's not just the degree, it's what else you do."