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Shattering Expectations: The B Side

January 13, 2017

We're just getting started.

Studying the style, studies, and states of democracies, aristocracies, monarchies and whatever else history can give us as lesson, advancing us ahead of the trends, surpassing our former selves, and finding our authentic self, and training our minds, the most powerful computer there is to process information faster and unveil degrees of connection that before us were unknown.

We are ready now, because the problems of tomorrow cannot be solved with the assumptions of today. And truth be told, we all do not learn the same so we expand the picture beyond the frame, we take a closer look at economies, environments, politics, and climates, navigating the flight in the dark, never a stranger to the puzzle but always akin to our contributing part in the school, house, and College of Liberal Arts.

Shattering Expectations of what a liberal arts education can be.