David Chang

Accolades Fall 2018

Professor David A. Chang (History) has been chosen by the Modern Language Association of America to receive the MLA Prize for Studies in Native American Literatures, Cultures, and Languages for his book, The World and All the Things upon It: Native Hawaiian Geographies of Exploration.
yellow police tape that says "POLICE LINE DO NOT CROSS" lying on the concrete

Crime is Down in Minneapolis

Crime has dropped by double-digit percentages across Minneapolis compared to last year, a trend that observers are chalking up to improved crime-fighting techniques and better cooperation from residents in some of the toughest neighborhoods. Michelle Phelps, professor of sociology, says the analysis of crime statistics is complicated because of the differing opinions on the root causes of crime.
A sticker with an American Flag cartoon and the words "I Voted"

Here's What the Midterm Elections Mean for the Country

Election Day is on November 6th and the results could change the course of politics for a generation. Kathryn Pearson, professor of political science, helps detail the possible outcomes of the midterm elections. "Historically midterm elections favor the party that is not in White House, but the president's popularity, or lack thereof, determines if it's a wave election," Pearson said.
Ryan Mattke, head librarian forthe Borchert Map Library

Map Library Wins Governor’s Award

The Minnesota Historical Aerial Photographs Online website, developed over several years at the University Libraries, received the Governor’s Commendation Award. MHAPO includes more than 100,000 digital copies of historical aerial photographs, mostly from between the 1920s and the 1990s, and they cover all 87 counties in Minnesota, and has drawn more than 250,000 users to the website over the last six years.