Eric Shook and Jesse Bakker look at a large computer screen that is showing cropland highlighted in bright green.

The Edge of Impossibility

Geography assistant professor Eric Shook takes an untraditional approach to geography and explores the world through geospatial computing. His work is leading to better ways of using cropland here in Minnesota and a deeper understanding of how we interact with each other.
Professor Ray Gonzalez


Professor Ray Gonzalez (English) has received a Southwest Book Award for Cutting the Wire: Photographs and Poetry from the U.S./Mexico Border, written with Lawrence Welsh.
Photo of Alysha Alloway standing on a light rail train platform as a train approaches the station

A Better Way to Get There

To Alysha Alloway (master of geographic information science ’19), a map can explore how the homeless interact with transit in the Twin Cities, and how a community can create a transit system that meets the needs of all its citizens. Her project, “A Better Way to Get There,” recently won the “Most Provocative/Transformative” award in the U of M’s annual U-Spatial Mapping Prize contest.
Matt Carlson

Accolades Fall 2019

Associate Professor Matt Carlson (Journalism) has written "Measurable Journalism: Digital Platforms, News Metrics and the Quantified Audience," which explores ways in which the increasingly ‘measurable’ news audience has had an impact on journalistic practices. This book was originally published as a special issue of "Digital Journalism."

Admissions Choices

A recent study published in the journal Criminology raises questions about the policies of colleges. The study is by Robert Stewart, a sociology doctoral candidate and Christopher Uggen, the Martindale Chair in Sociology and Law.
Trump and Turkey

Trump’s mismanagement of the withdrawal from Syria hurt alliances — not the...

Many critics worry that the United States’ credibility as an ally is on the line now that President Trump has given a green light to Turkey to move against the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG).  But political science professor Ronald Krebs' research exploring the impact of military interventions on alliance credibility suggests these fears are potentially overblown.