Image of a woman's legs running, used in a WW ad

The New Weight Watchers

Research from Traci Mann, professor of psychology, is included in this article about the rebranding of Weight Watchers. Now named WW, the company claims to want to shift its focus away from dieting and more toward wellness. Critics say it's diet culture in disguise.
Sherri Jean Katz smiling in front of some plants

E-cigarette Use Among Youth

Sherri Jean Katz, assistant professor at the Hubbard School of Journalism and Mass Communication, weighs in on youth’s use of e-cigarettes and health messaging surrounding them. "The challenge is to discourage recreational use without discouraging existing adult smokers who may want to fully transition from traditional cigarettes," she says.
An illustration of two opposing colored faces meeting in the middle

Open for Discussion

Symantha Clough (BA ’18, history and political science) believes that in order to discuss politics, you have to be able to listen. Cloughs talks about her time as part of the Minnesota Bipartisan Issues Group (BIG) and what it taught her about civil conversation.
Nancy Kelly parting the curtains on a theatrical stage, facing an audience of empty seats

Third Act

McKnight Endowed Presidential Chair in Sociology Phyllis Moen is featured in this story about her program, the University of Minnesota Advanced Careers (UMAC) initiative. UMAC is designed as something of a “gap year” for a large group of Americans now entering a new life stage.