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Portrait of Champoux and Wisz

A Story of Collaboration

Two individuals met as instructor and student but became research partners after a course in the technical writing and communication (TWC) program. Alexander Champoux and Eric Wisz had the opportunity to collaborate on research about rhetorical theory and creative writing for the Creative Writing Studies Organization (CWSO) issue.
Portrait: Jane Sumner

Jane Sumner Creates Website to Help Diversify Syllabi

In order to make varied perspectives more accessible, Jane Sumner, professor of political science, created the Gender Balance Assessment Tool in 2016. The website generates an estimate of a syllabus' racial and gender makeup using a probability algorithm, making it easier and faster for professors to diversify their course content. Lorena Muñoz, an assistant professor in Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies, is also quoted.
Portrait of Kari Campeau.

Classroom and Community Collide

“Intercultural communication skills are increasingly important as technical writing becomes more global, and intercultural communication skills are often handled reductively or insufficiently in technical communication textbooks and course design,” says UMN instructor Kari Campeau. That’s why she actively includes diverse communities in her classroom.
Portrait of Tia-Simone Gardner.

When Housing Isn’t for All: Working Toward More Inclusive Housing Strategies

Did you notice what looked like a “tiny house” on campus last year? It was actually a “mobile artist residency,” part of Tia-Simone Gardner’s research on the relationship between large cities and small housing spaces. The project aims to make small, mobile housing become a feasible option for people who need affordable or temporary housing.
Paul Ryan speaking at a podium

The Old-School Trick That Pushed the House to Move on Immigration

TIME turns to Kathryn Pearson, professor of political science, to explain how discharge petitions were used in the mid-20th-century and how they're used today. "Nowadays, as Pearson sees it, discharge petitions have evolved from a tactic used to go over the heads of committee chairs, to a tactic used to go over the heads of majority party leadership."
Portrait of Namir Smallwood.

Trust the Process: Namir Smallwood on Acting for Stage and Screen

Namir Smallwood, an alumnus of the University of Minnesota/Guthrie Theater BFA Actor Training Program, shares stories about his experiences as an actor in theatre and on television. “The thing that I keep with me from my training is to do the work and trust the work. Just tell the story,” he says. “If you do the work, the work will eventually take care of you. Your only charge is this: Trust the process!”