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Li Wang and Chun Wang sitting in front of a blackboard, hand in hand

On Purpose: Portrait of Psychology

Now in our hundredth year, the Department of Psychology, founded in 1917, has been the academic home of many illustrious faculty members including Ellen Berscheid, Irv Gottesman, David Lykken, Paul Meehl, Donald Patterson, B.F. Skinner, and Auke Tellegen. We rank among the top ten psychology departments in the US and have the largest number of undergraduate majors at the University of Minnesota.
A seated graduate student instructs a child and an undergraduate with classical texts displayed on the wall.

On Purpose: Portrait of Classical & Near Eastern Studies

Humanity likes to keep records. We have written notes to ourselves for thousands of years, preserving everything from tax receipts and official speeches to narratives of war and songs of praise. Any medium could be pressed into service: clay tablets; papyrus rolls, broken potsherds, or wax tablets; parchment codices and printed books. Most recently, we have reverted to scroll and tablet with digital media.
Five students stand around a large traditional ocean fishing boat.

On Purpose: Portrait of American Indian Studies

We call upon our neighbors in the University community and the good people of the state of Minnesota to acknowledge and reflect upon the fact that the University of Minnesota stands on Miní Sóta Makhóčhe, the homelands of the Dakhóta Oyáte. We call upon our neighbors to acknowledge that the river that winds through campus links us to the sacred site of the Dakhóta people’s origin at Bdote, where the Minnesota River joins the Mississippi.
Five graduate students gather around bikes down by the Mississippi river.

On Purpose: Portrait of Environmental Humanities

EHI seeks to address complex issues regarding environments and human and animal bodies through the lenses of history, philosophy, literature, language, culture, religion, and the visual and performing arts. In addition, EHI engages a wide range of related fields, including indigenous studies, political ecology, food studies, cultural geography, animal studies, and cultural anthropology.
A student stands in the foundry.

On Purpose: Portrait of Art

My name is Prerna. I live in Minneapolis, and I’m from Mumbai, India. I am a senior in my final year of the BFA program in art. The art department is a place where I can explore and learn so many fascinating things. I’ve taken a wide range of classes, from photography to metal casting, printmaking to super 8. The exposure to different mediums helps me approach my practice interdisciplinarily.
A faculty member speaks in front of a green screen while be filmed, a professional is on a video screen and a graduate student manages the room.

On Purpose: Portrait of Communication Studies

As the discipline that most directly and purposefully studies human communication, our students, faculty, staff, and community partners conduct research that translates into the public good. That is why communication studies was born in Midwestern land-grant institutions like the University of Minnesota, and why it remains an integral and thriving discipline in the College of Liberal Arts.