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The Benefits of Diversified Learning

December 7, 2015

One of the most important lessons that Laura Garvey discovered through her liberal arts education was to never stop learning. Last spring, Laura graduated with a BA in American studies. “The great thing about my time at the University of Minnesota,” Laura says, “was that it gave me a broad skillset.” She says her experiences and coursework in American studies gave her the tools she needs to approach problems in creative and innovative ways.

Not long after graduation, Laura got her first job at Northern Trust Corporation in downtown Chicago. Laura is a fiduciary support team analyst, and she spends her days monitoring and reviewing trust fund accounts of wealthy individuals. Although she had no prior experience to draw from for her current position, which can be intimidating for new graduates, Laura knows that her liberal arts degree prepared her to tackle a career in business. “My liberal arts degree at the University of Minnesota helped me approach new and different situations in the workplace with more ease and confidence because of the diverse learning styles I was taught to use with my degree.”

During her time at the University of Minnesota, Laura was recognized as a top student. She was a recipient of the William C. Nelson American Studies Scholarship and also served as a teaching assistant for a United States history class. Through this opportunity, she learned how to speak clearly, approach public speaking with confidence, and work in an environment with a diverse group of people.

The ability to continually learn and grow has prepared Laura not only for the corporate world but also for any life situation. What’s next for Laura? “I’m excited to continue my academic journey by pursuing a degree in law.”

This story was written by an undergraduate student account executive in CLAgency. Meet the team.