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Caitlin Barth

October 16, 2018

Watercraft Inspector Intern; Minnesota Department of Natural Resources


Biology, Society, & Environment


Sustainability Studies 

“This position has sparked an eagerness to continue learning in the field of science”

Getting Here

I found my internship with the Minnesota DNR through LinkedIn. I researched various biological internship opportunities that aligned with my interests. Then I applied to the internships that would further aid in my career path of which included the Watercraft Inspector program at the MN DNR.

The Work

As a passionate science undergraduate I enjoy reading and learning more about the natural world, however, I was never effective and communicating my knowledge to other people that are curious, but outside of the “science circle”. This position at the Minnesota DNR has challenged me to develop skills like effective communication with the general public – a skill I practiced every day on the job. I established a way to reach people about harmful aquatic invasive species without being exhaustive and wordy. I am very proud of this ability because it is not always easy speaking to someone about important ecological practices they don’t understand or have never learned prior.

Tip for Success
  1. Do your homework - evaluate what it takes to be a successful intern. Show up on time. Come prepared everyday and allow yourself the energy it takes to get the most out of everyday. Journal about your experiences or new things you learned because the person you are during your internship will be different than the person you will become as a young professional. 
Core Career Competency Developed
  • Oral & Written Communication