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Going Beyond the Limits

December 7, 2015

Portrait: Hanna Worku

Portrait: Hanna Worku
Photo by Jack Swift, CLAgency student

As the daughter of immigrant parents, Hanna learned the meaning of hard work and dedication from a young age. She watched and helped her parents build their family business from nothing into a thriving enterprise. Seeing her parents work their way to success motivates her to be the exceptional College of Liberal Arts (CLA) student she is today, and it has inspired her future plans to develop her own business after college.

Hanna is pursuing a double major in French and economics. She finds that her majors complement each other and that her studies in both disciplines have made her a well-rounded student. She says economics gives her practical skills that align with her personal goals of becoming a businesswoman and entrepreneur, and her French classes engage her creativity and critical thinking. They both help her contextualize her life within two very different settings.

Outside of the classroom, Hanna was recently awarded a CLA Deluxe E-ternship—a highly competitive internship program for students interested in entrepreneurship. The program gives CLA students the opportunity to work hands-on with local businesses for the semester and to gain knowledge and experience from them. This experience has been invaluable for Hanna and her dreams of becoming a business entrepreneur.

Hanna is also involved in the Ethiopian Student Organization on campus, and she served as a student ambassador for the US at the World’s Fair in Italy this past summer. Hanna recognizes that her ability to speak French gave her an edge over other applicants to the student ambassador program. Her French classes have helped her develop cross-cultural communication skills, such as reading social cues and adapting to new environments.

Through all of her experiences in CLA, one defining thing that Hanna has learned is that placing herself in new environments has been a vehicle for personal growth. She has placed herself in new environments both academically and outside of the classroom. “Studying many topics gives you skills that you will not find elsewhere and stretches you to go beyond what you thought were your limits.”

This story was written by an undergraduate student account executive in CLAgency. Meet the team.