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Grace O'Neil

October 16, 2018

Television Family and Animation Marketing Intern, Warner Bros. Pictures


Journalism, Marketing

"I have also learned so much about myself during this internship"

Getting Here

I got my internship through an incredible referral network that I built here in Minnesota that we’re able to connect me with hiring managers at my internship site in California.

The Work

Overall, my time at Warner Bros. in Los Angeles has been incredible. It has been a great synthesis of my business and media education while giving me the opportunity to network with extremely successful professionals within their field. One of my goals has always been to move out of Minnesota after graduation, and I could for sure see myself coming to LA to work in entertainment.

I am currently working on a deck that will be presented to the SVP and GM of Television surrounding the marketing plan for Scooby-Doo!'s 50th Anniversary. I am very excited to give this presentation and show off my culminated work and learning of the department to top executives.

Tips for Success
  1. My biggest tip is to not be afraid to use your network. Don’t just send in your resume, let people know you are applying. You never know how those people can help you! Start small and build your way up to a big opportunity, it’s worth the effort.
Core Competency Developed
  • Career Management