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Heather Kuang

October 16, 2018

Marketing Analytics Intern, Kohl’s


Statistics and Computer Science

“I think my internship pointed out a potential industry I would enjoy.”

Getting Here

I saw the internship openings online and applied. Later, I got an online video interview and after that, an on-site interview. Two of my interviewers were in the team that I was really interested in, so we had a great conversation. Several days after my interview, I got the offer.

The Work

There are two essential aspects of this internship that contributed to my career goals, as my career goal is becoming a data scientist. First, this was an internship where I got to work on modeling with data science professionals. In the past, I have done online tutorials, data competitions, and small data project for other internships. However, I did not receive mentorship from people who have strong technical knowledge. At my internship, I am able to research deeper into the mathematical origin models with my mentor's help and work through the whole process of establishing a machine learning model. It re-affirms that I am passionate about this kind of work.

Second, the industry and field my data science role resides in is interesting: retail and marketing. I have not worked in the retail industry and this new experience tells me that it's a very fun and complex environment to work in. What I do can touch so many individual customers. Thus, I think my internship pointed out a potential industry I would enjoy.

Tips for Success
  1. Don't be afraid to talk to as many professionals as you can to find out about what they do and the place they work at.
  2. Be proactive and take control of your project.
Core Career Competencies Developed
  • Analytical and Critical Thinking
  • Career Management