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Jared Venier

January 19, 2018
Tell us about your work. 

I serve as a full-time Hand Therapist at Summit Orthopedics - Woodlake Center in Woodbury, MN. There are five hand therapists and nine hand surgeons on our team among other health care professionals. We serve a diverse clientele ranging from birth to elderly. I am working with Patricia Schaber, PhD, OTR/L, and three colleagues of the University of Minnesota - Program in Occupational Therapy on a research project entitled: Tracking Functional Performance Over Time in Older Adults with Neurocognitive Disorders. I am also working with Diana Samek, PhD, and Matthew McGue, PhD, in association with the Minnesota Center for Twin and Family Research on a research project entitled: An Analysis of Religiousness and the Prognosis of Alcohol Use Disorder.

What led you to this profession?

I was drawn to occupational therapy by its holistic, client-centered approach to rehabilitative care. It is a privilege to serve our diverse communities by enabling function of the upper extremity.

What is your advice for current CLA students interested in a health care career?

Renew your curiosity each day; follow your heart; be mindful; and consider the mystery and miracle of human life.

Did anyone encourage or discourage you from pursuing your goals? How did you overcome that obstacle?

When I was in high school, my parents discouraged higher education due to the financial burden. This inspired me to work harder in order to achieve my dreams. During my undergraduate and graduate careers I was encouraged by my friends, family, University of Minnesota educators, and faculty, as well as my growing relationship with Jesus Christ. I attribute all of my current achievements to the support and guidance of all aforementioned sources of encouragement.

How have aspects of your identity shaped your experience in this profession?

I identify as a Christian man with a servant heart. The ethos associated with this identity cultivates the persistent inclination to empower and enable others.

Is there anything else you would like to share with CLA students interested in health professions?

Pursue a health profession if you have an intrinsic sense of compassion for life.