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Katherine Rosenow

October 16, 2018

Hennepin County Government Center



“I was able to make valuable connections and will remain in contact”
Getting Here

I got my internship by making connections. During my previous internship at WATCH, a judicial policy and court monitoring non-profit, I was enrolled in ID 3208, an internship reflection course. An assignment for the course was to conduct an informational interview. I decided to go out on a limb and ask a Judge, whose courtroom I had sat in before and briefly talked with if I could conduct my interview with him. He replied within 20 minutes, which was very exciting. After the interview, he invited me to sit behind the bench with him in a few months. After this amazing experience, I proceeded to ask what he recommends for undergraduate students interested in law, as most legal practices look for law students. He first offered to reach out to various legal offices for me. Then, he said I could intern for him as well if I was interested. I said yes right away and began asking for the next steps!

The Work

My internship this Summer has by far contributed the most to my academic and career goals. Spending this Summer interning for a judge in criminal court has further strengthened my goal of attending law school and hopefully becoming an attorney. I learned a substantial amount regarding the law, criminal procedure, legal terminology, and so much more. I was able to make valuable connections and will remain in contact with these connections after the internship ends. I will forever cherish this opportunity strengthening my path to law school.

Tip for Success
  1. Network. Network. Network. I am sure you have heard this already, but connections truly are very important. I got both of my past internships through connections. You cannot have enough connections!
Core Career Competency Developed
  • Career Management