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Margaux Jensen, BA

Third Year Doctor of Pharmacy Student
December 15, 2015

Margaux Jensen graduated from the College of Liberal Arts with a Bachelor of Arts in Biology, Society, and Environment in May 2014. She is currently a third year Doctor of Pharmacy student at the University of Minnesota. 

How did you decide that pharmacy was the right fit?

I had a lot of experiences in undergrad, especially with Biology, Society and Environment (BSE) and the College of Liberal Arts (CLA), that helped me confirm that pharmacy was the right path for me. An inpatient pharmacy volunteer experience was really huge in helping me decide. Working as a pharmacy technician was a huge part of it also, as well as being really involved in pre-pharmacy club. Working with other pre-health students within my program and in my classes was also really helpful in confirming that pharmacy was right for me.

Why did you choose your major?

I wanted to study science, and BSE was such a good fit for a pre-health student. You get all of your pre-requisites done, but you also get the opportunity to do things you’re really interested in. I love art, I love language, and CLA gave me the opportunity to look at all of those different things in addition to fulfilling my requirements for pharmacy school.

How did you find people to shadow?

I shadowed a lot of pharmacists as an undergraduate student. I met almost all of them through pre-pharmacy club. We had speakers come to every meeting in all different areas of pharmacy. They were all so helpful and there because they want to share their experiences and want to help people in the position they were in before. They would come to meetings and speak with us, and then I would talk to them afterwards and ask if I could shadow. They were all supportive and very receptive to having students come.

What is one piece of advice you have for pre-health students?

I think it’s extremely important to regularly meet with your advisor. Even if you don’t have a super urgent question, just go and check in every once in awhile to make sure you’re on the right path. They are a valuable resource and you should definitely take advantage of that.