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Merging Art and Statistics

December 9, 2015

Portrait: Sherry Shao

Portrait: Sherry Shao
Photo by Jack Swift, CLAgency student

“After visiting so many museums, galleries, and studios, I am certain that my future career must be related to art. I love art and I am eager to share my passion and ideas about art with others.”

Qinyun (Sherry) Shao’s unyielding passion for art and the business it entails is evident through her academic work, internships, and post-graduate goals. The international student travelled back home to China this past summer to work for an auction company in Shanghai, an opportunity that encompassed both of her majors: art history and statistics. Sherry explains, “I wanted to gain a deep understanding of the Chinese art market and to put what I learned from my courses into practice.” During her work, Sherry was cataloguing and studying artifacts that were being auctioned.  The experience also gave her a chance to reflect on what a career in art auctioning requires.

When asked why she chose art history as a second major, Sherry immediately conveys the admiration and dedication she has for the arts. Her desire to understand various cultures on a deeper level through the study of art is reflective of the values of the Department of Art History. “I really want to build a bridge to minimize the gaps between groups of people who are not familiar with each other, and to be a witness of how the world can be enhanced by the globalization of art and ideas.”

Sherry appreciates what a liberal arts education has done for her, giving her the ability to explore numerous fields of study to discover her passion and establish clear career goals. “Art history teaches people to observe objects carefully and analyze every single detail to discover something that has been ignored,” she says. “These analytical skills prepare you to think about the big picture while looking critically at the small details, which will be vital for my career.”


This story was written by an undergraduate student account executive in CLAgency. Meet the team.