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Nicholas Gibson

October 16, 2018

Nashville Predators, Digital and Interactive Media Intern


Computer Science

“An internship provides real-world experience.”

Getting Here

I got my summer internship at the Nashville Predators largely through a family connection. My family is friends with another family who know the General Manager of the Nashville Predators quite well. A couple of years ago, I had the opportunity to sit down and meet with the, now, Assistant General Manager and talk to him about his career and learn from him some more about the business. He gave me a small internship project the following summer and the end of the same season. This summer, I just applied for the position, but having prior experience in the company was definitely a huge factor in getting offered the position.

The Work

While school will be able to teach me material items which will progress my knowledge and abilities with time management, etc., an internship provides real-world experience allowing those skills to be fully applied.

Career-wise, I believe I have learned a lot. I have learned a lot about the specific industry as well as about the general working world. One of my greatest achievements this summer was creating a visual representation page of our award-winning goaltender Pekka Rinne following this year's Vezina Trophy ceremony. I worked for about two weeks on the page, but we did something only a couple other teams have ever accomplished. Furthermore, it was recognized around the league as the month’s most creative project.

Tip for Success
  1.  Always be searching for different opportunities and apply to as many internships as you can with sincere interest.
Core Career Competency Developed
  • Digital Literacy