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Renaissance Man of Ceramics Exhibit

December 11, 2015

Portrait: Robert Silberman

Portrait: Robert Silberman
Photo by Jack Swift, CLAgency student

Associate Professor Robert Silberman was truly a Renaissance man when it came to his work on an exhibit of contemporary Mexican ceramics at the Northern Clay Center in Minneapolis. Not only did Silberman serve as the guest curator; he scripted the catalogue text, led a public presentation with three of the visiting artists, and worked with participants in an advanced ceramics program at the center.

Silberman acknowledges the importance of engaging with the local community. While discussing his work with the four Mexican artists with whom he created valuable contacts, he explained, “Beyond local outreach and a community partnership…this program also represents CLA and the University's commitment to globalism and international education as well as to the humanities and arts.” Furthermore, as CLA and the department encourage innovation, Silberman was proud to contribute to an exhibit that was the first of its kind. For him, being a part of a showcase that brought together the Hispanic communities of the Twin Cities was extremely rewarding; he hopes that it is just the beginning of this kind of collaboration.

Although the program is now completed (it ran September 25–November 8, 2015), Silberman hopes to take part in more projects involving art and Latin American countries. He believes there is an array of knowledge that can be brought to the local community through his work in art history.

This story was written by an undergraduate student account executive in CLAgency. Meet the team.