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Stefani Weimholt: Applying Statistical Skills for Effective Marketing

April 12, 2017

Portrait of Stephani Weimholt

Portrait of Stephani Weimholt
Photo by Kate Drakulic, CLAgency

An undergraduate in the Department of Statistics, senior Stefani Weimholt is ready to graduate and apply her statistical skills in her career. Weimholt, a double major in statistics and marketing, has nothing but praise for the department of statistics. "Everyone in the department, including professors and advisors, were all so excited about statistics, and I reciprocated that," Weimholt says, noting how their enthusiasm trickles down to the students.

Weimholt started off in the Carlson School of Management because she knew she was interested in business; however, she felt like she was missing a technical piece to it all. She took a class in statistics and fell in love with it right away. By combining both statistics and marketing, Weimholt has been able to see the business applications of numbers. She is making her own path and it was proven successful to her when she landed an internship with Ovative, a digital marketing agency in Minneapolis. Weimholt is interested in how to use statistics to make marketing more efficient for companies. Looking at different types of advertisements, whether it be a Facebook ad or a display ad, she is able to apply statistical analysis to optimize ad spending.

When asked why statistics is important, Weimholt explained how it is very applicable to many industries in the real world. "It's a bridge between something technical, math related, and the general world," she said, sharing how she has bridged these connections both inside and outside of the classroom. She noted how in many of her classes they applied statistics to neuroscience, a growing field in today's medical world. Weimholt also shared how she has used her analytical skills to successfully apply for student funding as a member of the Minnesota Running Club.

Reflecting upon her time as an undergraduate, Weimholt reiterated how great the faculty and staff within the department are. "Statistics draws a certain personality that I really enjoy," she says, laughing about her professors' quirky jokes and behaviors. Weimholt describes how the professors are always willing to help and are so happy to see students succeed. Because of the relationships Weimholt has cultivated with faculty and other members of the department, she feels she has received a well-rounded education. Weimholt is excited to use her skills in the future and offer more to the table with her experiences gained from her statistics major.

This story was written by an undergraduate student account executive in CLAgency. Meet the team.