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Using Multiple Languages to Educate Global Communities

November 25, 2015

Photo of Nick Ott

Photo of Nick Ott
Photo by Jack Swift, CLAgency student

Nick grew up in a bilingual household. His mother, a fluent German speaker, often sprinkled German into daily conversations and always encouraged her son to learn and be curious. He started taking Spanish in eighth grade while continuing to learn German.

Originally from the Milwaukee area, Nick chose to attend the University of Minnesota for many reasons. Initially, he was attracted to the sheer number of opportunities a CLA education could provide him. He also felt at home at the U after his very first campus tour.

In spring 2016, Nick will study abroad in Cologne, Germany. He hopes to gain a new appreciation for his German heritage and culture while also bolstering his language skills. After he returns to Minnesota, Nick is eager to complete his studies. He is currently enrolled in the five-year direct track to teaching program, in addition to his other degree programs.

Nick hopes to settle in a Spanish-speaking country in South America through the Peace Corps between his undergraduate and graduate careers. He sees great value in helping develop communities in Spanish-speaking countries. Using his Spanish skills and his education minor he hopes to teach young students English language and culture. For the established residents of the community, Nick wants to apply his marketing degree to help aspiring South American entrepreneurs build their businesses.

Nick plans to return from South America after two years to finish his graduate studies. After completing the teaching licensure program, Nick wants to teach German or Spanish at the high school level. With his combined academic and professional experience, along with his passion for languages, Nick is a shining example of University of Minnesota languages student and will serve his own students well in the future.

This story was writen by an undergraduate student account executive in CLAgency. Meet the team.