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Yuchen Liu

October 16, 2018

Psychology Intern, Face to Face

“I could practice the communication skills that I have learned from my psychology classes.”

Getting Here

I went to the Internship & Career Fair and learned about Face to Face. Then I submitted my application online.

The Work

I interned in SafeZone at Face to Face, which serves young people who are homeless. By working here, I have learned about the kind of services and resources that are most needed by young people who are homeless, and how the organization operates.

This is the first time for me to intern in a non-profit organization. Although I have learned that I can handle flexible work and enjoy working here, by comparing this internship with another internship of mine, which is working as an RA that codes the behaviors of participants, I realize that I am more interested in the academic field of psychology.

Tip for Success
  1.  Before going to the CLA Internship & Career Fair, it is important to know about the companies that will attend and look for more specific information about those that you are interested in.
Core Career Competency Developed
  • Engaging Diversity