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Committed to Community

Julie Sinn appreciates different perspectives and strives to teach others
September 3, 2015

Portrait: Julie Sinn

Portrait: Julie Sinn
Julie Sinn (Photo by Terri Sutton)

"As soon as I began taking English courses, I was immersed into this world full of diverse literature that forced me to learn about history, empathy, and what it truly means to 'walk in someone else's shoes.' "

English major Julie Sinn is a student whose commitment to her work, her community, and her education makes an impact on others. Her professors describe her as "one of the most engaged and committed students I’ve had," and as one who "embodies the qualities that make for an outstanding leader."

"I am continually amazed by the diverse perspectives of my peers,” Julie says, “and their openness to share their own stories as well as their willingness to listen to mine. It is an incredible feeling to discuss social issues in my classes where my peers and I trust one another to share our honest opinions and concerns."

She credits the College of Liberal Arts for fostering a diverse and open environment for students. "This is the power of the CLA classroom, because CLA allows questions of race, class, justice, and gender to be comfortable topics in the classroom. I feel so fortunate to be a part of such a fantastic community."

Outside of her classwork, Julie has volunteered as an anti-bullying campaign organizer, as part of the Students for Education Reform group, and in classrooms at Marcy Open School, Southside Family Charter School, and Roosevelt High School in Minneapolis.

Julie's dream is to become an educator. In her own words: "I see the potential we have as educators to open students to a world of words, perspectives, and questions that matter to them. Students will rise to the challenge if we offer a curriculum that moves them and encourages them to believe in themselves."