Guled Ibrahim: The Power of Making Connections

Within the span of a decade, Guled Ibrahim (BA ‘11, journalism and political science) went the University of Minnesota, to the Mitchell Hamline School of Law, to Australia for fellowship work, to his current position as an attorney for the Minneapolis Civil Rights Department. Ibrahim credits the clarity of that trajectory to his roots in CLA. “The experiences I had, whether inside the classroom or outside the classroom, tremendously helped me become the person I am today,” says Ibrahim.

In the summer before Ibrahim first attended UMN, he decided to join the Bridge to Academic Excellence program. “I ended up getting a 4.0 [GPA] that first semester. Without that program I couldn’t have done that,” Ibrahim says. He also participated in several other opportunities throughout his years at CLA, including the McNair Scholars program and becoming an Orientation leader. 

Though the programs helped open doors to new opportunities, he says that “it’s the people who make the difference. They just care.”

Ibrahim’s success and strong connections to those around him are part of the reason that he has become a Rotary Peace Fellow, a Bush Fellow, and a Humphrey Policy Fellow at UMN. 

In looking back, Ibrahim finds it interesting that when he was in high school, he didn't consider going to college until a counselor encouraged him. “You are where you are because people see things in you,” says Ibrahim. Gaining solid knowledge about journalism and political science propelled him on a life of purpose dedicated to protecting the rights of all Minnesotans.

To current CLA students, Ibrahim says, “Be proactive. Take the initiative.” No one knows exactly where they will end up a decade from now, but making connections and taking chances can take you to places you have never imagined.

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