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We Are Liberal Arts: Jason's Story

Jason Bruce, Talent Acquisition - Supply Chain Recruiter at Best Buy
February 10, 2017
Portrait: Jason Bruce
Jason Bruce
BA ‘89, economics
In We Are Liberal Arts profiles, we ask our alumni to talk about their career journey, reflect on how their liberal arts education shaped them, and what it taught them to do.

My role at Best Buy is to recruit talent for the distribution/transportation and finance spaces. This primarily focuses on the 23 distribution centers that we have across the country and the transportation/distribution/finance roles in the headquarter offices in Richfield, Minnesota.
Being in the human resources field, I deal with ethical issues and reasoning on a daily basis, however, I use my my analytical and critical thinking skills most often.

To not take the easy route

Reading through resumes, looking at LinkedIn profiles and listening to candidates on the phone is difficult. Sometimes you want to do what is easy. Looking for and engaging diversity, in thought, cultural differences, and background is a core component of my role here at Best Buy.

I have been recognized for being a team player, for mentoring and willing to do whatever I can to help the team succeed. I have also been recognized for bringing a positive attitude to work which has been contagious.

One of my favorite classes was statistics. I still think about how I look at numbers and how they make sense. I find myself asking about the sample size and audience. Statistics has truly been practical for me.

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