Regis Center for Art

NOW HIRING: Tenure-Track Assistant Professor – Sculpture

The Department of Art seeks an artist with expertise in contemporary sculpture practices. The ideal candidate will have a strong technical and theoretical foundation, as well as an expansive approach that embraces the changing role of contemporary art and considers its role in a global society. We seek an energetic colleague with a strong professional record and the ability to teach across the curriculum, working with non-majors, BA, BFA, and MFA students.
Tamsie Ringler - River Lee Project

Tamsie Ringler Pours Iron in Ireland

From its source in the Shehy Mountains on the Cork-Kerry border to where it empties into the Irish Sea at Cork Harbour, the River Lee embodies over 5000 years of human habitation and experience. Tamsie Ringler’s River Lee Project focuses on the importance of the River Lee to the daily life and heritage of Cork City and its surrounding areas. Iron is an elemental metal that signifies our connection with the world on a primal level. It runs through our bloodstream in much the same way as rivers run through our landscape. With the looming threat of flood-walls around Cork City, the River Lee Project represents our physical and emotional connection to our rivers and the importance of maintaining that connection.
Kate Casanova - Underbelly

Kate Casanova Solo Exhibition "Underbelly"

Underbelly is a selection of sculpture and video that explores the materiality of human and non-human bodies. The work uses materials such as plaster, carpet padding, plastic, resin, silicone, fabric and LCD screens to create abstract forms that bulge beyond borders, slide over edges, and seep through cracks. This exhibition holds tension between the bounded form of a body’s perceived exterior and an unknowable interior world; between control and unruliness. From newfound knowledge of the bacteria that lives in our gut, to medical devices implanted in bodies, to the phones in our pockets, our experience of the world is increasingly hybrid. The contemporary body is a liminal entity; a cyborg, a chimera, a network. It may be thought of as a site of marvel, anxiety and contestation because it blurs categories of human and non-human, inside and outside, organic and synthetic, singular and multiple, sensing and non-sensing. This exhibition reflects Casanova’s ongoing engagement with the Posthuman body as she creates an expanded view of corporeal experience.
Mark Schoening - Porch Gallery

"Art Fair" at Mark Schoening's Porch Gallery

On a busy, tree lined street in South Minneapolis, one house stands out. On the lawn is a sculpture of a line drawing of large a white cube; welcoming passers by on to the front porch of the old victorian home, after which The Porch Gallery takes its name. Housed in the living room picture window is the exhibition Art Fair. The window has hosted a variety of exhibitions which, in some way shape or form, have inhabited the front room of Mark Schoening and Dawn England’s home since the galley opened three years ago. Art Fair, however, is unique in its scale, both figuratively and physically.
Jeff Millikan - Yelling Geese

Jeff Millikan Exhibition at the Bell Museum

For the past six months, as the Bell Museum has moved to its new home in St Paul, Jeff Millikan has been investigating the galleries and collection rooms, exploring the museum’s vast reservoir of objects, artifacts and scientific specimens. As the museum has worked to preserve, move and re-interpret its dioramas and other displays, Millikan has discovered and captured unexpected views and connections. A polar bear and snow geese peer out from their translucent wrappings. Small dioramas are freed from their confining windows and float as if in space. As an artist-in-residence, Millikan has also explored the museum’s scientific collections. Expect to see preserved snakes, fish, insects and birds in contexts that will make us question our relationship to nature. As a participant in the Bell’s Resident Artist Research Program, Millikan has worked with both the public and research collections of the Bell. He has taught photography at the University of Minnesota for the last 35 years and is currently an Adjunct Professor in the Art Department.
Chris Larson - Land Speed Record

Chris Larson and Sean Connaughty Awarded McKnight Fellowships

Designed to identify and support outstanding mid-career Minnesota artists, the McKnight Fellowships for Visual Artists provide recipients with $25,000 stipends, public recognition, professional encouragement from national visiting critics, and an opportunity to participate in a speaker series. The fellowships are funded by a generous grant from the McKnight Foundation and administered by MCAD. The 2018 McKnight fellows were selected from a group of 229 applicants by a panel of arts professionals of varying backgrounds whose careers intersect with the visual arts in different ways. This year’s jurors were Janet Dees, curator of modern and contemporary art at the Mary & Leigh Block Museum of Art at Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois; Nancy Marie Mithlo, associate professor of art history and visual arts at Occidental College and Chair of American Indian studies at the Autry Museum of the American West, California; and Sohrab Mohebbi, curator at the SculptureCenter, New York.