Mark Schoening - Porch Gallery

"Art Fair" at Mark Schoening's Porch Gallery

On a busy, tree lined street in South Minneapolis, one house stands out. On the lawn is a sculpture of a line drawing of large a white cube; welcoming passers by on to the front porch of the old victorian home, after which The Porch Gallery takes its name. Housed in the living room picture window is the exhibition Art Fair. The window has hosted a variety of exhibitions which, in some way shape or form, have inhabited the front room of Mark Schoening and Dawn England’s home since the galley opened three years ago. Art Fair, however, is unique in its scale, both figuratively and physically.
Jeff Millikan - Yelling Geese

Jeff Millikan Exhibition at the Bell Museum

For the past six months, as the Bell Museum has moved to its new home in St Paul, Jeff Millikan has been investigating the galleries and collection rooms, exploring the museum’s vast reservoir of objects, artifacts and scientific specimens. As the museum has worked to preserve, move and re-interpret its dioramas and other displays, Millikan has discovered and captured unexpected views and connections. A polar bear and snow geese peer out from their translucent wrappings. Small dioramas are freed from their confining windows and float as if in space. As an artist-in-residence, Millikan has also explored the museum’s scientific collections. Expect to see preserved snakes, fish, insects and birds in contexts that will make us question our relationship to nature. As a participant in the Bell’s Resident Artist Research Program, Millikan has worked with both the public and research collections of the Bell. He has taught photography at the University of Minnesota for the last 35 years and is currently an Adjunct Professor in the Art Department.
Chris Larson - Land Speed Record

Chris Larson and Sean Connaughty Awarded McKnight Fellowships

Designed to identify and support outstanding mid-career Minnesota artists, the McKnight Fellowships for Visual Artists provide recipients with $25,000 stipends, public recognition, professional encouragement from national visiting critics, and an opportunity to participate in a speaker series. The fellowships are funded by a generous grant from the McKnight Foundation and administered by MCAD. The 2018 McKnight fellows were selected from a group of 229 applicants by a panel of arts professionals of varying backgrounds whose careers intersect with the visual arts in different ways. This year’s jurors were Janet Dees, curator of modern and contemporary art at the Mary & Leigh Block Museum of Art at Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois; Nancy Marie Mithlo, associate professor of art history and visual arts at Occidental College and Chair of American Indian studies at the Autry Museum of the American West, California; and Sohrab Mohebbi, curator at the SculptureCenter, New York.
Teréz Iacovino - Fret

Teréz Iacovino, Emmett Ramstad and Mara Duvra in "Living Together"

Living Together is an exhibition featuring the work of six artists – Betsy Alwin, Mara Duvra, Teréz Iacovino, Haley Prochnow, Emmet Ramstad, and Jen Sonibare – whose practices analyze our encounters with interior environments, the objects we live with, and spaces we live in, and do so often by marrying materials and disciplines in unexpected ways. The collective works form a range-y still life or a Period Room of a conceptual parlor. Exhibitions are living arrangements; objects and artists are gathered in a room and co-habitate for months. The exhibition asks us to consider what does this living arrangement look like? How do exhibition spaces feel like home and not a showroom? What art do we choose to live with, and what artifacts do we inherit? How do we create spaces for ourselves, as artists, not only to live safely and comfortably, but to show our work publicly and form a livelihood? As art spaces adapt to changing support structures and economies, how will we change our living arrangements to continue our work
Melissa Borman - East African Photo Exhibition

Melissa Borman Curates East African Student Photo Exhibition

“Photography allows people to tell their stories that might not be able to tell it any other way,” said Borman. “It lets them know their voice matters, that what they have to say about their culture, about their lives, about their identities, is important.” To help East African high school students tell their stories, Century College collaborated with Somali-born photographer Mohamud Mumin to facilitate the Youth Outreach and Engagement Project, an educational program in photography funded by the Minnesota State Arts Board.
Pope Brothers

Bly and Rowan Pope's Drawings Collected & Exhibited at MIA

Mia celebrates the pleasure of pure, virtuosic draftsmanship with the first museum show of Minnesota artists and twin brothers Bly and Rowan Pope. They have worked side by side their entire lives. Their focus on drawing and meticulous, painstaking process sets them apart. Each dedicates hundreds (and sometimes thousands) of hours to a single work, drawing skillfully, obsessively, until pencil has transformed paper into a provocative image rendered with photographic precision.
"Disney Playset After Kinkade" by Paul Shambroom

Paul Shambroom Completes MassMoCA Residency

"During my residency I have been photographing a Disney World Main Street Play Set, circa 1988. The attached image is based on a painting (also attached) of the same subject by American artist Thomas Kinkade (1958-2012). I am also photographing a jigsaw puzzle of the same Kinkade painting. “Past Time: Troubled Visons of the Good Old Days” explores the political and cultural embrace of an idealized America that never existed for many. It contrasts popular imagery of our past with photographs of contemporary life taken in locations that helped form the notion of the “good old days.” My time at MassMOCA includes a recent studio aspect- photographing puzzles and other material depicting idealized American scenes."