Nels Shafer - SOFA 2018

Nels Shafer Gleams the Cube - 2018 SOFA Residency

Nels says the Department of Art has been a great place to explore because of the focus on learning by doing – he can experiment with CNC routers, laser cutters, and 3D printing, exploring art but also engineering without the constraints and prerequisites of other routes. He enjoys creating things that move, interact, or serve some function in addition to being aesthetically pleasing – taking courses in Experimental Media and 3D Modeling and Digital Fabrication only deepened his belief that art doesn’t have to be a static, pretty object you can’t touch as in traditional art museums. He prefers works that the audience can experience physically and conceptually at the same time, akin to those found in children’s or science museums.
Rose Von Muchow - Unyielding Shapes

Rose Von Muchow Curates Iron-Casting Women

Rose Von Muchow approached professor Tamsie Ringler about putting together a show to celebrate all of the strong women I had met through foundry. She was hesitant at first because she had no curatorial experience, but in talking with Tamsie, it soon became clear that she already possessed the relationships and tools necessary to successfully curate and install a show – she realized that all she needed to do was ask. The duo applied to the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP), which provides some funding and structure for projects created by undergraduates with mentorship by faculty.
Frankie Yu Sofa Residency

Frankie Yu's School of Rock - 2018 SOFA Residency

The SOFA Residency is a program initiated in the Spring of 2018 at the Regis Center for Art that provides two undergraduates per semester an opportunity to create a Sculptural Object of Furniture Art with the assistance and funding of Art Department Personnel and Facilities. One of the first two SOFA Residency fellows was Frankie Bingxin Yu, in her final semester as an undergraduate, before finishing her degrees in the Spring of 2018, with undergraduate majors in Psychology and Art, and a minor in Design.
Jordan Rosenow Amid Structure

Jordan Rosenow Exhibition at the Rochester Center for Art

Amid Structure is a multimedia installation which looks closely at minimal gestures and the subtle intimacy between objects and architecture. Raw building materials, typically used to solidify permanent structures such as 2x4s, pipes, and steel are the foundation for both domestic and industrial spaces that house/shape the body and its experiences. These materials are created and used in mass quantities where uniformity is expected and they remain hidden in the interior of walls.
The Foundry at the Regis Center for Art

Shaping Molten Metal with Tamsie Ringler

Ringler has been a full-time, Term Assistant Professor at the University of Minnesota for the last three years, and she has been in charge of the Foundry program since Professor Emeritus Wayne Potratz retired. She received recognition for her work with metal in the form of a McKnight Fellowship in 2017, and there are no signs of her slowing down. Her recent work explores the energy of landscape through mold-making and casting, and she has an ambitious project in mind that involves casting every mammal on earth – some 5600 species – as part of a broad conservation effort.
Professor of Urban Forestry Gary Johnson

Street Life: Photographing the City

It’s far too easy to spend the day sucked into the screen of your phone or laptop, essentially oblivious to the details of the world around you, whether that means the cracks in the sidewalk, the faded signage on corner convenience stores, or the quotidian rhythms of pedestrians and commerce on a given city block. Both Grant and Hoolihan are inspired by the cityscape right outside the doors of the University of Minnesota, and have treated this summer workshop course as an opportunity to inspire and encourage their students to explore their immediate surroundings with a sense of intention, awakeness and awareness.

Now Hiring 3D Digital Fabrication and 2D Technical Coordinator

This 75 percent position will provide material and digital instruction on 3D digital fabrication software and equipment to undergraduate students, graduate students and faculty in the Department of Art’s XYZ Lab. Assist in the integration of 3D digital fabrication technologies into Department of Art curriculum and research activities. Provide technical support for the Drawing, Painting and Printmaking (DPP) facilities in the Department of Art. Maintain, repair, design, and build equipment in the XYZ Laboratory and in the DPP Area. Responsible for purchasing supplies and equipment within assigned areas. Reports to the Facilities and Technical Coordinator.