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The accessibility experience of all University of Minnesota websites is important for a modern website that caters to users of all abilities. Several aspects of design and content management must be considered to maintain accessibility standards for the web.

Useful resources for accessibility:


All images on CLA websites must be given an alternative text (ALT) to describe the image to non-sighted users. Drupal provides the input field for this "alt tag" when uploading or selecting an image. Within the body, an "alt text" field is provided when choosing the image preset size. While selecting teaser or feature images, alternative text can be added after uploading the image.


User accessibility for sighted visitors to a web page can be hindered by low contrast typography. The ability to read a body of text on a screen is strengthed with increased contrast, or a careful balance between values of the type and its background. A useful tool for contrast checks is the WebAIM Color Contrast Checker. The University of Minnesota accessibilty guidelines dictate a requirement of Level AA accessibility standards for all web content.