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The College of Liberal Arts web branding guidelines are set to encourage consistency in the college's visual communications and unify all units under the college website. Refer to best identity practices for both the University of Minnesota and the College of Liberal Arts when creating or editing content.


Only the University of Minnesota and College of Liberal Arts wordmarks are permitted on a CLA web page.

University of Minnesota Wordmark

The University's "Driven to Discover" wordmark is shown in the top-most header on every CLA page, in the top left corner. This is the only instance and location in which this wordmark may appear, and its image file must not be edited.

College of Liberal Arts Wordmark

The CLA wordmark appears twice on every CLA and department page:

CLA header wordmark

In the CLA header, on the left side on college pages or on the right side on individual unit pages

CLA footer wordmark

In the CLA footer, top left corner, above the respective unit's address

For accessibility, these wordmarks are used only on dark backgrounds (CLA Dark Gray, see colors below) and may not appear anywhere else on a CLA web page. Additional instances of the CLA wordmark within content would directly violate brand guidelines.


Use of color on CLA websites should coincide with the University of Minnesota branding guidelines, as well as comply with accessibility standards for contrast. When choosing typeface and background colors, use a web contrast checking tool to ensure a minimum WCAG AA level.

Never use a tint, shade, or other unofficial color. Doing so may cause confusion for users and would inhibit brand consistency.

University of Minnesota Gold
/* CSS */
color: #FFCD00;
color: rgb(255,205,0);

/* SASS */
color: $gold;

Ensure that gold type is used only on dark backgrounds, complying with accessibility standards.

University of Minnesota Maroon
/* CSS */
color: #7A0019;
color: rgb(122,0,25);

/* SASS */
color: $maroon;
College of Liberal Arts Blue
/* CSS */
color: #007298;
color: rgb(0,114,152);

/* SASS */
color: $clablue;

CLA Blue is to be used in certain instances where type or layout elements are emphasized.

Navigation and body content links are CLA Blue by default.

College of Liberal Arts Dark Gray
/* CSS */
color: #2C2425;
color: rgb(44,36,37);

/* SASS */
color: $darkgray;

CLA Dark Gray is used as a background for light text, as well as for the header and footer backgrounds.

Do not use Dark Gray for large areas of content.

College of Liberal Arts Light Gray / Whitesmoke
/* CSS */
color: #F5F5F5;
color: rgb(245,245,245);

/* SASS */
color: $white-smoke;

CLA Light Gray is used in menus and panels to separate important content and interactive elements, or otherwise emphasize content on a page.

The navigation, except for on the CLA homepage, has a Light Gray background.