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Kathryn Pearson

Politics In The Age Of COVID-19

Despite the coronavirus, Minnesota recently held a primary election, Joe Biden virtually accepted the nomination as the Democratic Party’s presidential candidate, and Senator Kamala Harris was named Biden’s running mate. This week on Dialogue Minnesota, University of Minnesota Associate Professor of Political Science Kathryn Pearson joins us to discuss this most unusual campaign season.
Photo of Jaden Lubarski

Q&A with Jaden Lubarski

Junior Jaden Lubarski had a hectic spring semester— he changed his major, and then classes went virtual. But amid the stressful circumstances, he kept his head up and didn’t let the pressure get to him. “I encourage everyone to focus on what you can control because I have learned that you really can do anything you set your mind to.”
Photo of Robel Tedros

Q&A with Robel Tedros

Junior Robel Tedros used his time during distance learning to spend quality time with family and focus on physical and mental health. “What inspires me to keep moving forward is finding ways in which I can activate my own personal happiness.”