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Picture of Monica standing outside in front of a wall with art painted on it

Political Science in First Person

Monica Delgado, a third-year undergraduate Political Science student, has had experiences that have allowed her to see the implications of her coursework in the real world, including in her own community. From interning at the state legislature, to working with the local Cedar Riverside Partnership, to helping conduct research on judicial systems in Latin America, Delgado’s experiences have given her a perspective on politics that extends far beyond the pages of a textbook.
Professor Emeritus of Political Science at California State University at San Bernardino, Michael LeMay delivering his talk to a room of people

"It Takes Two to Tango": The Fascinating Interplay Between US...

Today more than ever, immigration is at the forefront of America’s collective political consciousness. Few have as deep of an understanding of the factors that play into this contentious topic than Michael LeMay, a Professor Emeritus of Political Science at California State University at San Bernardino who received his PhD from the University of Minnesota Twin Cities.
Black and white photo of Michael Lipset talking with a high school student

Transforming a Montreal School with Hip-Hop Immersion

Alum Michael Lipset (BA '09, political science and sociology) is pursuing a PhD in education at McGill University, Montreal. Nothing unusual. But what his work in a small Anglophone secondary school constitutes a real revolution. The school will be the first Canadian secondary school with immersion in "urban art." He was named as one of '50 Changemakers in Quebec.' (Published in French. Use the translation feature in your browser.)