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Black and white photo of Michael Lipset talking with a high school student

Transforming a Montreal School with Hip-Hop Immersion

Alum Michael Lipset (BA '09, political science and sociology) is pursuing a PhD in education at McGill University, Montreal. Nothing unusual. But what his work in a small Anglophone secondary school constitutes a real revolution. The school will be the first Canadian secondary school with immersion in "urban art." He was named as one of '50 Changemakers in Quebec.' (Published in French. Use the translation feature in your browser.)
Bridget Marchesi

Bridget Marchesi

Marchesi’s dissertation research continues to explore explanations for the adoption and spread of restorative justice mechanisms, such as reparations and truth commissions, and evaluate their impacts on state, group and individual-level human rights and peace-related outcomes.
Ore Koren sitting on steps outside of a house

Ore Koren

A current PhD student at the University of Minnesota, Koren examines how local environmental and socioeconomic factors shape violence within the state by focusing on the crucial role of fighters, perpetrators, and even innocent civilians.
Portrait: Raven Ziegler

An Activist and a Scholar

A double major in political science and sociology of law, criminology, and deviance, Raven Ziegler hopes to effect meaningful international policy change. “Every marginalized community knows what will produce the most efficient change for them. Through collaboration, I merely act as a vehicle to build the structure of progression,” she says.