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The Political Psychology proseminar is an ongoing weekly meeting of graduate students and faculty. The proseminar is used for a variety of activities, including the study of classic and contemporary work in political psychology, training in interdisciplinary research methods, the planning and execution of original research, as well as presentations by graduate students, faculty of the CSPP and guest speakers from all over the world. The proseminar is taught by CSPP core faculty from the Departments of Political Science, Psychology, and the School of Journalism and Mass Communication.

Each year, the proseminar organizes itself around a theme. The 2016-2017 theme focuses on understanding the dynamics and phenomena of the 2016 Presidential Election under the lens of political psychology theories and methodologies. The proseminar will dedicate the spring semester planning and executing a Post-Election Symposium to be held April 28, 2017. Scholars from across the country will join the faculty and graduate students of CSPP to dissect the election, its surprising result, and where we go from here.

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