The Influence of Race-Based Social Dynamics on Black Women’s Democratic Party Loyalty

Event Date & Time
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Event Location
Blegen Hall 110

269 19th Ave S
Minneapolis, MN 55455

Chryl Laird is an assistant professor of government and politics at the University of Maryland College Park. She is well known for her 2020 book Steadfast Democrats: How Social Forces Shape Black Political Behavior (co-author Ismail White). Her research on political psychology and race has been widely featured in top political science journals and in outlets like The New York Times, The Washington Post, Vox, 538, The Atlantic, and more. Professor Laird will be presenting some of her more recent survey work explaining Black women’s partisanship and vote choice.

You can join this event in person in Blegen Hall 110 or sign up to attend via Zoom.

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